A safe choise


Offshoretech is a company specialized in serving the offshore and maritime industry as well as industry ashore. We provide customized technical services, products and solutions.

Offshoretech is the local agent in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg for Mare Safety AS which offerse a large product range for the offshore industry. Built after stringent quality and safety standards, vessels from Mare Safety are well equipped to meet challenges in all conditions. Our boats are tailored to the customers’ needs and we strive to give the best possible support from our service team. To be a customer of Mare Safety is easy. Contact us for the possibilities in the full range of FRC, Galley, Laundrey and safety equipment

Offshoretech is the local agent for Point Offshore AS in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. Point Offshore is doing ship designs branded as Point Aqua® The designs can be provided in a variety of stages ranging from pure design documentation to fully built and tested vessels. 

We also do technical ship service, inspections, calibration, general consultancy services such as project management, engineering, conversions and repairs of ships and oil platforms.